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Looking for Work in Tasmania? Hobart is Your Best Choice

Covering nearly 1,700 square kilometres and home to approximately 211,656 residents, Hobart is the capital and most populated city of Tasmania, Australia’s only island state. Because so much of Tasmania’s land lies in undeveloped, natural reserves, many of the state’s companies and industries are concentrated in Hobart. Residents enjoy access to local parks and beaches, top schools and affordable housing options. If you’re hoping to find work in Tasmania, these are the top six reasons to begin your search in Hobart.

1. Check Out Available Jobs in a Variety of Industries
Hobart has a successful, stable economy that relies on several key industries, and workers can easily find jobs in a variety of fields and salary ranges.

  • Manufacturing Offers Employment Options
    Tasmania’s capital city is home to several international manufacturers, including Cadbury, Incat, Nyrstar and the Cascade brewery. These companies and other industry leaders employ thousands of Hobart residents and often have new jobs available.
  • Working at the Port
    The city has an active seaport that serves both France and Australia in shipping goods to and from Antarctica. Between this major industry and the numerous cruise ships that come to the area each year, Hobart’s seaport is responsible for a substantial portion of the city’s economy.
  • Hobart’s Huge Tourism Industry
    With a rich history, vibrant culture and popular restaurant scene, Hobart receives thousands of tourists each year. The tourism industry is a major source of employment in the city, and workers can find jobs in service, retail, property rental and other related fields.
  • A Developing Wine Industry
    Over the past two decades, Hobart’s wine industry has expanded dramatically. The city is home to several top vineyards and wineries, and the industry has brought hundreds of new jobs to Hobart residents.

2. Find Affordable Housing
Workers who move to Hobart will be pleasantly surprised by the affordable housing prices in the area. Hobart has the cheapest mortgage prices of any capital city in Australia. The city has a wide range of suburbs for families to choose from, including areas with good elementary schools and locations that are closer to the Central Business District (CBD).

3. Stretch Your Money Further with a Reasonable Cost of Living
Similarly, Hobart also has one of the most reasonable costs of living in Australia. When you live in Hobart, you’ll be able to save a greater portion of your income because utilities, food and transportation are moderately priced. From wandering around the Salamanca Market to relaxing at Sandy Bay, you’ll also find plenty of low-cost ways to spend your free time.

4. Further Your Skills with Great Educational Programs
Hobart schools have some of Australia’s smallest class sizes and most specialised programs. If you’re interested in furthering your education and learning new skills for your career, you can choose from several top educational institutions such as the University of Tasmania and a Polytechnics College campus.

5. Enjoy Rich Culture on the Weekends
Whether you enjoy the symphony, sports or large community events, there is something for everyone in Hobart. Relax on the weekends by seeing a show at the Theatre Royal or viewing an exhibit at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Hobart also hosts large annual festivals like Targa Tasmania, Taste of Tasmania and the Tulip Festival.

6. Access the City with Convenient Public Transportation
Hobart residents can get around the city easily via a wide network of public buses and roads. If you need to travel for work, the Hobart International Airport offers convenient, short flights to and from major cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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