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WA’s Best Place to Work: Find Success in Perth

Western Australia’s capital city, Perth, is home to 1,897,548 of the state’s 2,451,400 residents and is the 4th-largest city by population in Australia. The city sprawls over a wide metropolitan area along Australia’s western shores and is very isolated from other major cities. The next closest city with a population of more than 100,000 residents, Adelaide, is 2,104 kilometres away.

Because Perth is so isolated from other major cities, residents rely heavily on local goods, services and manufacturing. The vast majority of Perth residents are employed in fields that offer services and products to other people who live in Perth. Though other areas in Western Australia have major petroleum, mining and agricultural industries, Perth’s businesses still account for the bulk of the Western Australia economy. Perth is the state’s business centre and home to most of the state’s population. This has allowed new businesses that cater to niche markets to develop and expand in the city. As the capital city, Perth is also home to the state government and all of its offices.

Perth residents have access to a wide array of job opportunities in an area that boasts Australia’s highest employment rates. Though Australia’s average unemployment rate is 5.4 percent, Western Australia has the lowest unemployment rate at just 4 percent. In 2012 alone, Perth created 56,200 jobs for residents. If you’re interested in moving to an area with a reliable economy and promising opportunities, Perth may be your best bet. These five reasons explain the benefits of working in Western Australia’s capital city.

1. Find a Job in Any Industry
Perth’s largest industries are localised around the metropolitan area, and many businesses are located in the Central Business District and in several of the largest surrounding suburbs. Jobseekers in Perth find positions in a number of local industries, including health, public administration, retail, business and personal services, education and wholesale trade. The area is consistently growing, and some experts think that Perth could surpass Brisbane in the number of available jobs over the next several years.

2. Enjoy Convenient Transportation
Though Perth is a sprawling area that covers 5,386 square kilometres, the city has a good public transportation system. Residents can take ferries, buses and trains to get to other areas in Perth, and some transportation providers offer links to rural areas outside the main part of the city. Perth also has two main airports and a passenger rail service that enables residents to easily travel to major cities like Adelaide and Sydney.

3. Experience Perth’s Cultural Scene
During their free time, Perth residents enjoy local attractions like the West Australian Ballet, Perth Theatre Company and the Western Australian Maritime Museum. The area is also home to several parks, community centres and beaches. At the Perth Zoo, visitors can see animals like giraffes, dibblers and orangutans.

4. Raise Your Family in a Safe Community
The people who live in Perth’s numerous small suburbs typically form tight communities with their friends and neighbours. Whether you’re looking to make local friends or hoping to form a tighter professional network, it’s easy to interact with and meet new people in Perth. You can also find housing in a number of safe, affordable areas.

5. Live in a Beautiful Area with Good Weather
Perth has distinct seasons and a typical mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Generally, the area receives close to nine hours of sunshine each day and is warm enough that residents can spend time outside at the city’s beautiful beaches and peaceful parks all throughout the year.

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