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Six Reasons You’ll Love Living in Brisbane

As the third largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is home to more than 2 million residents. When you consider the city’s beauty, convenience and economic prosperity, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call Brisbane home. Check out the top six reasons you’ll love living in Brisbane.

1. Beautiful Weather and a Temperate Climate
Brisbane residents enjoy beautiful weather in a subtropical climate all throughout the year. The weather is warm and temperate in the summer and mild during the winter. Overall, temperatures rarely fluctuate by more than 10 degrees between mornings and evenings. Though frequent rain and thunderstorms cause high humidity in the summer, Brisbane residents participate in many outdoor activities like rock climbing, boating and golfing. When you live in Brisbane, it’s easy to take advantage of nature’s beauty all the time.

2. Convenient City Living and Easy Transportation
In a city as large and expansive as Brisbane, it’s important to have convenient transportation. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of ways to get around the city, including by car, railway, walking paths, bicycle paths, ferries, taxis and buses. The city’s intricate road system allows suburban families to travel easily between the main area of Brisbane and other suburbs. Whether you want to take a trip into the city or spend a weekend relaxing at one of the lovely beaches on Gold Coast, you can find affordable and accessible transportation in Brisbane.

3. Peaceful, Relaxing Family Lifestyle
Though Brisbane is a large city with a substantial population, families still enjoy peace and quiet by living in the area’s numerous suburbs. Young families who are looking for safe and affordable homes often choose areas like Morningside, Forest Lake or Holland Park. Brisbane also has a wide variety of private, religious and public schools for preschool, primary and secondary students. With diverse educational, residential and recreational opportunities, Brisbane is an ideal location for couples and families who are eager to settle down.

4. Prosperous Economy and Plenty of Jobs

Brisbane is often said to have the largest economy between the cities of Sydney and Singapore. The city has experienced steady economic growth in a number of industries over the past several years. The central business district and inner suburbs are home to a number of white-collar industries such as public sector administration and information technology. Paper mills, petroleum refineries and metalworking facilities are situated along the Brisbane River and in several nearby industrial areas. With more than 5 million people visiting the city each year, tourism also plays a major role in Brisbane’s economy.

5. Rich Culture and Active Art Scene
Residents in Brisbane celebrate art and culture in a variety of ways, and the area is particularly well known for its growing live music scene. The Queensland Performing Arts Centre at South Bank houses several major performance facilities and hosts ballet, orchestra, symphony and theatre events. Several major festivals also take place in Brisbane each year, including the Riverfestival, Brisbane International Film Festival and Ekka. No matter where your interests lie, there’s always something exciting going on in Brisbane.

6. Affordable Cost of Living
Brisbane’s population includes more than 200,000 people from the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Many of these immigrants came to Brisbane because the area has a much more affordable cost of living than other places in the world. From transportation fees to housing costs, Brisbane offers reasonable prices in a favourable economy. The city also includes areas with varied costs and amenities, making it easy for every family to find a place to live that suits their budget.

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