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Top Five Staging Tips to Make Your House Appeal to Buyers

When a homeowner stages a home it means that they set up the home for a certain appearance using new furniture and new accessories. A proper home staging allows potential buyers to see how the home could look if they bought it and this means that a home staging needs to show the absolute ideal picture of the home. Home staging can be difficult to get right but it can be extremely rewarding by firing up the imagination of the home buyer and letting them see the true potential of the property.

1. Modular Flooring
One of the easiest ways that a homeowner can swap out the flooring of their home or make it look completely different is with the use of modular flooring. Modular flooring are large tiles of carpet that are made in different colors and textures. These tiles can be arranged on the floor in many patterns and can completely change the feel of a room. Modular flooring is great to quickly assemble floor runners, rugs and even full coverage carpeting. Real estate professionals in particular can benefit from their flexibility.

2. Mirrors
Placing mirrors on bare walls and in empty areas can make a property seem both less bare and larger. Mirrors can be selected to properly suit the look of the home and can be applied using methods that do not damage the walls such as stick on hooks. Everything that goes on the walls needs to be secured tightly so that they do not fall down during showings.

3. Curtains
Changing the curtains on a room can give a room a completely different look. After staging the furniture a homeowner should consider swapping out the curtains quickly. Staging curtains do not have to be expensive as it is more about the impression they will give than their true quality. Color should be the foremost consideration when selecting curtains for the purposes of staging.

4. Get Creative
Staging isn’t all about building a model home it’s also about building a mood. Soothing air fresheners placed in the bedrooms will heighten a prospective buyer’s sense of peace and calm in the room. Lighting a fire in the living room will let the potential buyers see how the room looks when lit by natural light. Playing gentle music in some rooms can also help the buyers feel more at ease with their surroundings. Baking cookies can make a kitchen feel more like a home. There are many creative ways that staging can become more involved and engage all the senses.

5. Keep it Clean
Once the area has been staged it is absolutely vital that it be kept completely clean. This means that the home should be cleaned not only every day but also between showings if possible. Selling a home can be a difficult process and homeowners need to make sure they are giving themselves absolutely every advantage in the market. Simply making sure to dust in between meetings can give a property a better first impression.

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