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The 10 Best Areas to Invest in Property in Queensland

If you’re looking for an affordable place to invest that will net favourable returns, you can’t go wrong with a property in Queensland. As one of the largest and most populated states in Australia, Queensland consistently has high property values, low rental vacancy rates and plenty of interested buyers. To determine which locations have the best investment potential, you can look for areas with high employment rates and areas undergoing development. These 10 areas throughout Queensland are likely to become even more valuable over the next several years.

1. Logan
Located south of Brisbane, Logan is one of the top areas in Queensland for investors. The suburb is close to both the Central Business District (CBD) and Gold Coast for weekend getaways. Logan also offers two convenient public transportation options for workers who need to commute to Brisbane each day.

2. Dysart
As the demand for coal has increased dramatically over the past several years, rental prices in Dysart have gone up. This small mining town located in the central area of Queensland is home to many workers from the Norwich Park Coal Mine and Saraji Coal Mine. Investment properties in this area have high annual returns.

3. Acacia Ridge
Residents in Acacia Ridge enjoy a prime location just 10 kilometres outside of the Brisbane CBD. The area is especially popular with first-time homebuyers because it is near plenty of employment opportunities and entertainment options. With a heavy industrial presence in the city, investors will also find plenty of renters.

4. Moranbah
Moranbah is a popular mining town located in the Bowen Basin that is home to approximately 8,626 permanent residents and many temporary workers from the Peak Downs and Goonyella coal mines. Because the area typically has a high occupancy rate and a low supply of available properties for renters, weekly rental prices have increased.

5. Woree
Located in northern Queensland, Woree is a suburb of nearby Cairns that is home to more than 4,000 people. Woree residents enjoy the town because they are located near restaurants, shopping facilities and the Great Barrier Reef. With plenty of affordable properties to choose from, your investment could start seeing returns right away.

6. Spring Hill
Spring Hill is located right outside the Brisbane CBD. The area offers convenient access to all of Brisbane’s many amenities and is extremely close to a wide range of jobs. As property values near Brisbane continue to increase, Spring Hill investors will see great success.

7. Coomera
With new residential and economic developments going on in Coomera, the area is primed to become the next best area in Queensland for investment properties. Located on the Gold Coast, Coomera’s population increased from 1,420 people in 2006 to 8,793 residents in 2011.

8. Woolloongabba
Woolloongabba is another suburb right outside of Brisbane and is located just three kilometres from the CBD. Though the suburb was traditionally an industrial area, developers have started working on several new residential projects over the past several years. Woolloongabba’s prime location next to the CBD makes it a valuable prospect for investors.

9. Windsor
Located a few kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, Windsor is one of the area’s oldest suburbs. Established homeowners who are looking to upgrade often turn to Windsor to find nice properties in a convenient location.

10. Dolphin Heads
Dolphin Heads is a popular central Queensland suburb north of Mackay. The waterfront area is popular with tourists and is home to many Bowen Basin workers and their families. With affordable purchase prices and steady rental rates, investors can expect significant returns from a Dolphin Heads property.

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