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Find Short-Term Jobs and Long-Term Careers in Melbourne

Home to more than 4.2 million Australians, Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and the continent’s second-most populated city. Melbourne residents love their city because the area offers plenty of options for housing, entertainment, transportation and education. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Chinese restaurant, the perfect surfing area or a live theatre performance of a popular show, you can find it all in Melbourne.

People often refer to Melbourne as “Australia’s Cultural Capital” and the “Garden City,” and the city is the birthplace of a number of popular cultural movements. The area also has a moderate oceanic climate with varying temperatures and weather conditions throughout the year. Though many of the area’s amenities are located in the Central Business District (CBD), you’ll find homes of all sizes in the surrounding suburbs.

Melbourne truly has something for everyone, and jobseekers are sure to find a range of stable, lucrative positions in their industries. Whether you need a short-term job or you’re hoping to advance your career, you can find employment in Melbourne. Consider some of the available positions in these top eight Melbourne industries.

1. Finance
As one of Australia’s most important financial centres, Melbourne is the headquarters of two of the continent’s four main banks and five of Australia’s ten largest corporations. The city also maintains 40 percent of Australia’s superannuation funds and is frequently considered to be one of the most important financial cities worldwide.

2. Information Technology
Melbourne’s information and communication technology (ICT) fields employ more than 60,000 people. This employment population accounts for more than 30 percent of Australia’s entire ICT industry. If you’re looking for a job in the ICT sector, there are always plenty of open spots available in Melbourne.

3. Education
Education is extremely important in Melbourne, and the city is home to a huge network of elementary, secondary and postsecondary institutions. With a number of renowned schools like the University of Melbourne, Deakin University and Monash University, Melbourne offers plenty of jobs and opportunities for workers to further their skills and careers.

4. Transportation
A reliable public transportation system is essential in a city as large as Melbourne. Residents have access to buses, taxis, trams and trains. The transportation industry employs thousands of Melbourne residents, and the new Melbourne Metro project will create even more jobs once construction begins.

5. Biotechnology
Melbourne is considered to be an international centre for biotechnology research and development. The city is home to CSL Limited, a global company that works to develop, manufacture and distribute vaccines and other products that assist with medical conditions. If you’re looking for a career in the biotechnology field, Melbourne has some of the most interesting and important jobs available.

6. Tourism
As one of the world’s largest cultural centres, Melbourne has a large tourism industry. Nearly 1.9 million international visitors and 7.5 million domestic visitors come to Melbourne each year. Workers can easily find jobs in hotels, restaurants, shops, travel agencies and other related fields.

7. Manufacturing
Many major manufacturers have facilities in Melbourne, including companies in the aircraft parts, fashion, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Australia’s automotive industry is also centred in Melbourne. Both Toyota and Ford have high-capacity manufacturing facilities in the city.

8. Health and Research
With more than 30 public hospitals and a wide network of health service providers, the medical field employs a substantial number of Melbourne workers. The city is also home to some of Australia’s most prominent medical research institutions, including the Victorian Institute of Chemical Sciences, the Burnet Institute, the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre and St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research.

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