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Raise Your Family Away from the City in Bunbury

Bunbury, Western Australia’s third-largest city, is located along the western shoreline about 175 kilometres from the Central Business District (CBD) in Perth. The peaceful coastal town was established in 1836 and is home to 68,248 residents today. Many people move to Bunbury in order to escape the high prices and hectic lifestyle found in larger cities across Australia. In Bunbury, you’ll enjoy mild winters, warm summers, friendly neighbours and a wealth of recreational and employment opportunities. Check out the top six reasons Australians are deciding to raise their families away from the city in Bunbury.

1. Take in the Beautiful Natural Surroundings
When you live in an area with a landscape that is as rich and diverse as Australia’s, it’s a shame to miss out on the natural beauty because you live in a boring suburban town. Unfortunately, residents of major towns often live in generic homes and rarely escape their cities to see Australia’s beaches and natural reserves. In Bunbury, you can easily spend your free time at a number of parks, beaches and trails. Residents often go canoeing on the Blackwood River or cycle along the Bibbulmun Track. Though people who live in Perth come to Bunbury on the weekends, you can enjoy the city’s beauty every day.

2. Browse a Wide Selection of Affordable Rentals and Properties
Bunbury offers a wide selection of properties for buyers and renters in all price ranges. Consider South Bunbury, a well-established historic suburb with gorgeous architecture, or Dalyellup, one of the most popular areas for new developments and modern homes. Families looking for a more urban location may enjoy Glen Iris, a local suburb with a diverse population that is located just a couple kilometres outside of the Bunbury CBD.

3. Raise Your Family in a Safe Area with a Strong Community
When you move to Bunbury, it won’t be long before you begin making friends with other families. The city has a strong community with enough small, localised pockets that it’s easy to get to know other people in your neighbourhood. Residents look out for one another, and the area has relatively low crime rates in comparison to many larger Australian cities.

4. Get Everything You Need in Bunbury
Some people worry that Bunbury won’t have as many amenities as other Western Australia cities like Perth and Mandurah. However, the city has several main shopping centres and a large number of smaller retailers, restaurants and bars. While you’ll typically find everything you need in Bunbury, Perth is located just an hour away if you want to browse a wider selection of products.

5. Enjoy Easy Local Travel
Bunbury residents can travel easily around the entire city in less than an hour. Commute times are typically very low, and people spend less on fuel costs than residents in other cities. Though the Eelup Roundabout was named one of Western Australia’s worst intersections, a major renovation project was completed in 2012 that has made the area safer and easier to travel. If you prefer public transportation, you can also choose from Bunbury City Transit’s 11 different local routes or use coach and rail services from Transwa.

6. Find Free Activities and Entertainment for the Whole Family
Make the most of your new home in Bunbury by enjoying the city’s beautiful landscape with some of your newfound friends. People in Bunbury frequently get together to enjoy picnics at local parks and volleyball on the beaches. Entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily find free activities that are appropriate for all ages when you become a part of the Bunbury community.

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