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Enjoy the Best of Australian Wildlife and Nature in Coral Coast

Whether your dream vacation includes swimming with dolphins, exploring natural parks or relaxing on the beach, you’ll find something to enjoy at Coral Coast. This gorgeous region in Western Australia is located north of Perth on the western shoreline. If you’re ready to enjoy the best of nature and Australian wildlife, check out these eight incredible activities at Coral Coast.

1. See the Turtles at Jurabi Turtle Centre
The Jurabi Turtle Centre is an educational facility where visitors can learn more about Coral Coast’s three marine turtle species, including the highly endangered loggerhead turtles. During a guided turtle experience, you’ll learn more about each species and their natural behaviours. You’ll also have the chance to see the turtles as they nest on beaches near Ningaloo Reef.

2. Swim with Whalesharks at Ningaloo Reef
In addition to seeing the turtles at Ningaloo Reef, you can also go swimming with the area’s native whalesharks. These beautiful animals are the world’s largest known species of fish. During your snorkelling trip, you can also see and swim with incredible animals like dolphins, manta rays, tropical fish and humpback whales.

3. Relax at Coral Bay
Coral Bay is a beautiful settlement located on the Ningaloo coast. Relax on the sparkling white sand beaches, swim in the gorgeous turquoise water or explore the coral gardens in a boat with a glass bottom. The town also includes an array of restaurants, shops and hotels where you can grab a bite to eat or get a good night’s rest.

4. Watch Dolphins at Monkey Mia
Monkey Mia is one of the most popular places to see dolphins in Western Australia. Learn about dolphin behaviour from international scientists who are typically in the area or get a chance to feed the dolphins when they visit the shores. You can also embark on an Aboriginal cultural tour or book a camel ride through the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

5. Explore Beauty and Get Active at Geraldton
If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you’ll love the range of activities available at Geraldton. The area is a popular spot for options like kitesurfing, diving, boating and windsurfing. You can also explore Geraldton’s wildflower country between July and October. The area offers a rich landscape that is full of hundreds of gorgeous annual blooms.

6. Vacation at Kalbarri
Kalbarri is one of Western Australia’s most popular vacation spots with an expansive natural park and incredible coastal rock formations. The area enjoys a temperate climate and great weather for most of the year. Visitors can ride horses on one of Kalbarri’s beaches, go tandem skydiving, see more than 1,100 wildflower varieties and observe the migration of humpback whales between June and November.

7. Tour the Abrolhos Islands
The Abrolhos Islands are composed of more than 120 completely unsettled islands off the coast of Western Australia. Though you cannot stay overnight on the islands, you can reach them by taking a scenic flight from Geraldton or Perth or via a boat from Perth. Spend your day fishing, diving or watching the sea lions, whales and dolphins. Before your trip, you can learn about the history of the Abrolhos and the Batavia wreck at the Maritime Museum in Geraldton.

8. Get Close to Nature at Nambung National Park
Nambung National Park is one of Australia’s most beautiful natural reserves and is home to the famous Pinnacles. Located outside Cervantes, the Pinnacles include thousands of tall mounds and towers that were formed naturally over millions of years from limestone. The park also includes beautiful white beaches and Hangover Bay, a popular spot for picnics and boating.

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