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Yarralumla Residents Enjoy History and Luxury with Convenient Suburban Living

As one of the most prestigious suburbs in Canberra, Yarralumla is home to roughly 3,000 Australian Capital Territory residents. The suburb is located in the centre of the city near Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin. Though Yarralumla is also one of Canberra’s priciest residential areas, most people who live there believe the area is well worth the cost. Yarralumla residents are located in a quiet, picturesque neighbourhood that is about six kilometres from the Canberra Central Business District (CBD). If you’re thinking about moving to Yarralumla, consider the benefits of living in a safe, historic neighbourhood in one of Canberra’s most desirable locations.

Learn about the History of Yarralumla
Settled in 1828, Yarralumla is one of the oldest suburbs in Canberra. Over the past two centuries, the area has seen extensive development and new construction by a number of different inhabitants. Though the area was generally considered to be a low-class suburb until the 1970s, the area’s reputation changed dramatically when the area around Lake Burley Griffin was developed. Property prices started to rise during the 1980s as Canberra residents sought out Yarralumla’s lakeside location. Today, Yarralumla residents enjoy convenient access to the lake, the Royal Canberra Golf Club and a number of beautiful parks.

Enjoy a Convenient Suburban Lifestyle
Though Yarralumla is a relatively small suburb, the area has a number of convenient amenities. The local shopping centre has a gift shop, chemist, supermarket, post office and several other shops and restaurants. Families can send their small children to the local day care facility or to one of the area’s two preschools. ACTION buses provide public transportation to Yarralumla residents who need to travel to other areas in Canberra. Finally, Weston Park and a series of other grounds along Lake Burley Griffin include amenities like swimming areas, playgrounds and barbecue spots.

Raise Your Family in a Safe Place
Because Yarralumla is home to a number of diplomatic missions and to Government House, the home of the Governor-General of Australia, the Australian Federal Police regularly patrol the area. Residents in Yarralumla have formed a tight-knit community and they frequently gather together for neighbourhood events and celebrations. Many people are comfortable taking walks at night or letting kids ride their bicycles to the local shops. When you move to Yarralumla, you can rest assured that your family will live in a safe environment with caring, watchful neighbours.

Live Close to Job Opportunities
As the capital of Australia, Canberra has numerous job opportunities available with the federal government. At just 3.4 percent, the city’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 5.1 percent. More than 63 percent of Yarralumla residents work in white-collar jobs, and the suburb also has a higher median weekly income than other areas in Canberra. Some residents also find jobs working in the tourism industry because so many people come to visit locations like the Australian War Memorial and Lake Burley Griffin each year. Yarralumla residents are just a few kilometres away from these potential jobs and other new employment opportunities in fields like medicine and education.

Relax at Nearby Attractions
Though Yarralumla residents get to spend plenty of time enjoying outdoor activities at Lake Burley Griffin, they are also near a number of other popular Canberra attractions. Watch a rugby game at Canberra Stadium, enjoy art at the Canberra Museum and Gallery or see a live performance at the Canberra Theatre and Playhouse. The city also hosts several popular festivals each year, including Stonefest and the Royal Canberra Show. In Yarralumla, you can enjoy the best of everything that Canberra has to offer.

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