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The Buyer’s Guide to Affordable Real Estate in South Australia

Home to roughly 1,650,600 people, South Australia is the fourth-largest state in Australia by area and the fifth-largest state by population. Most of the state’s residents live in Adelaide, the capital city, but many people also live in large cities like Mount Gambier and Whyalla. South Australia covers some of the continent’s driest areas and is bordered by five of Australia’s seven mainland states and territories.

If you’re looking for a wide selection of affordable suburban properties, South Australia is one of the best choices. Adelaide has a number of suburbs where residents can save more by buying their homes instead of renting properties. You’ll also find several suburbs throughout the rest of the state where homes are priced to buy.

Top Adelaide Suburbs
As the fifth-largest city in Australia, Adelaide is home to roughly 1.2 million of South Australia’s residents. Properties in these suburbs are available at great prices for families who are ready to enjoy Adelaide’s rich culture and plentiful employment opportunities.

  • Gilles Plains
    Located about 15 kilometres outside of Adelaide’s Central Business District (CBD), Gilles Plains is one of the most affordable suburbs you’ll find near South Australia’s capital city. The area has undergone heavy development over the past several years and is now a popular area with young workers. Residents also enjoy a tight-knit community and good public transportation options.
  • Rosewater
    Rosewater is another growing suburb located just 12 kilometres from the CBD and near Adelaide’s local beaches. The historic, scenic city is also right next to culturally rich Port Adelaide. If you’re thinking about buying a Rosewater property, you can expect the value to rise over the next several years as more people move to the area.
  • Morphett Vale
    With a population of 22,602 residents, Morphett Vale is by far the largest suburb in South Australia. The city is south of Adelaide and is a wonderful area for young families who need affordable housing options. Morphett Vale has quality schools, great public transportation and a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Other Affordable Suburbs in South Australia
Because some of the following cities are located in less populated areas, they may not have the best properties for investors who are hoping to find renters. However, these areas could be a great choice for a family looking to settle down.

  • Peterborough
    Peterborough is located off the Barrier Highway in the northern part of South Australia. The small suburban town is home to 1,689 residents who have developed a strong community in the beautiful local countryside. The suburb is a safe, quiet and very affordable place to live.
  • Port Pirie
    Located about 224 kilometres north of Adelaide, Port Pirie is a popular coastal town that is home to about 13,206 people. New residents enjoy affordable housing and employment opportunities in a variety of industries.
  • Whyalla Stuart
    Whyalla Stuart is a small seaport town located in Whyalla, the third-largest city in South Australia. For most Whyalla Stuart residents, it’s cheaper to buy a home than to rent one. Mortgages average around $1,168 per month in comparison to monthly rental prices of $1,343.
  • Coober Pedy
    If you’re looking for a unique home that is unlike any other property you’ll find in Australia, consider Coober Pedy in northern South Australia. Coober Pedy has a desert climate, and temperatures get extremely hot during the summer months. As a result, many residents build cave homes in nearby dugouts. This small mining town is also home to the world’s largest source of opal.

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