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Launceston Combines Culture and City Conveniences for Homeowners

Established in 1806, Launceston is located in the northern part of Tasmania and is home to 106,153 residents. The town is just 198 kilometres from Hobart, the state’s capital. Launceston is popular with people from all over Australia who are looking for a slower way of life. When you move to Launceston, you can enjoy a rich rural culture without sacrificing the conveniences of city life.

Get to Know the Culture of Tasmania
With a diverse geography, temperate seasonal climate and relaxed culture, Launceston residents enjoy a traditional Australian lifestyle. Find out why you’ll enjoy living in Launceston.

  • See Wildlife Up Close
    Australian wildlife roams freely throughout Tasmania, and you’re likely to see animals like wallabies and echidnas when you live in Launceston. The area is also near Narawntapu National Park, a reserve where people can observe pademelons, kangaroos, wombats, various species of birds and many other animals in their natural habitats. In Launceston, reminders of nature’s beauty are never far away.
  • Enjoy a Diverse Landscape
    Located in the Tamar Valley, Launceston is bordered by many mountains and hills. The city has a temperate climate and experiences four seasons throughout the year. With a combination of flat areas and steep ridges, Launceston’s weather can change rapidly. However, residents have access to a diverse landscape where they can experience all of Australia’s resplendent beauty.
  • Spend More Time Relaxing
    Life moves a little more slowly in Launceston. Residents tend to have flexible, easygoing attitudes and value recreational time. Many people spend a great deal of time outdoors and take advantage of opportunities to hike, fish and garden. If you’re tired of watching life zip by in a large city like Melbourne or Sydney, Launceston could be right for you.

Enjoy the Conveniences of Tasmania’s Second-Largest City
Though Launceston residents can seek out isolated lifestyles if they wish, people who live in the main part of the city still have access to all of the conveniences that modernized regions enjoy. You won’t miss out on any of the amenities you’re used to having.

  • Meet Likeminded People in Your Community
    Many people who are born in Launceston stay in the town for their entire lives. However, the city also has a large population of people from outside the area who wanted a taste of the leisurely Launceston lifestyle. When you move to a strong community like Launceston, it’s easy to meet people who share similar interests and beliefs.
  • Save for Your Retirement
    You’ll also have the opportunity to save more money for your future when you live in Launceston. Real estate is very affordable in the city, and unemployment rates are low. With a wide range of outdoor activities and plenty of local businesses to support, there are also plenty of free and low-cost options for entertainment.
  • Top Food and Wine
    The Tamar Valley is home to some of Tasmania’s finest wineries and vineyards, and you’ll enjoy convenient access to the latest blends in Launceston. Each year, Launceston hosts Festivale, a major food and wine event where visitors can sample gourmet dishes and drinks. The city is also home to a number of award-winning restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Close Proximity to Larger Cities
    Though you’ll probably fall in love with life in Launceston, you’ll still be located near several larger cities in case you need to travel. Whether you’re interested in seeing a major show or you need to travel for work, you can drive from Launceston to Hobart in around two hours or reach Melbourne via plane in about 50 minutes.

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