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The Top Four Industries with Available Jobs in Port Lincoln

Located about 646 kilometres from Adelaide on the coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Port Lincoln is home to 14,245 permanent residents. The beautiful coastal town has a vast number of beaches, parks and sheltered waters and is very popular with tourists. Port Lincoln’s commercial fishing industry is the foundation of the city’s economy. Many residents have become extremely successful by farming fish and other sea creatures for the Japanese market. Additionally, Port Lincoln is generally believed to have the highest rate of millionaires per capita of all Australian cities.

South Australia residents who are looking for work will find plenty of potential jobs in Port Lincoln. This quiet coastal town is home to some of the state’s best employment opportunities in the following industries.

Port Lincoln’s Top Industries

  • Aquaculture Industry
    Port Lincoln’s commercial fishing fleet is widely considered to be the largest of its kind in Australia. The city’s economy relies heavily on the aquaculture industry. Though the market used to demand Southern bluefin tuna, professional fishermen in Port Lincoln now focus on catching species like abalone, oysters, tuna, mussels and yellowtail kingfish. Some commercial fleets also operate experimental farms for spiny lobsters and seahorses. If you’re looking for work in Port Lincoln, the aquaculture industry is the best place to start. Nearly 2,000 of Port Lincoln’s residents work for one of the main commercial fishing fleets in some capacity.

    The city’s economy also benefits from local grain-handling facilities and processing plants. These companies are responsible for canning and processing captured fish and other farming products like beef, lamb, wool and fertiliser.

  • Tourism
    Over the past several years, Port Lincoln has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for domestic and international visitors. With beautiful scenery, a peaceful environment and a prime location next to the coast, people are eager to spend their vacations in Port Lincoln. Visitors enjoy seeing the large houses along the Lincoln Cove Marina, the natural beauty of Kellidie Bay Conservation Park and the incredible view of the bay at the Great Australian Bight. Activities like shark cage diving, yachting and surfing are also popular attractions. The tourism industry has created a significant number of jobs for Port Lincoln residents in areas like the service, retail, lodging and entertainment industries.

Other Employment Options in Port Lincoln

  • Government
    Port Lincoln is also home to many of South Australia’s regional government offices. The government is currently working to centralise their operations in Adelaide, and as a result, some government positions have been cut or transferred to the state’s capital city. However, the Port Lincoln government still employs a substantial portion of the city’s population.
  • Property Development
    While Port Lincoln has grown as a tourist destination, the city has also become one of the most popular places to live in South Australia. With beautiful surroundings, a prosperous economy and a range of affordable housing options, more and more people are moving to Port Lincoln. The increased demand for housing has boosted the real estate industry, and workers can find plenty of jobs in both commercial and residential property development. As the population grows, workers can also expect to see an increasing number of employment opportunities in related service and retail industries.

Port Lincoln is the perfect town for workers who are excited for growing employment opportunities in the aquaculture and tourism industries. Though life in a small coastal town might not be suitable for everyone, Port Lincoln still offers a range of amenities and dining options. This beautiful coastal city is one of South Australia’s best-kept secrets.

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