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Finding Jobs in the Northern Territory: Mining Industry Brings Jobs to Frances Creek

Though it is the fourth-largest state by area, Northern Territory is the least populated of Australia’s major states and mainland territories. Residents are primarily centred in major cities like Darwin, Alice Springs, Nhulunbuy, Palmerston and Katherine. Northern Territory’s vast lands are highly undeveloped in some areas, and the mining industry plays a significant role in the state’s economy. If you’re looking for work in Northern Territory, you have a great chance of finding a mining job.

You can find mining jobs across the entire state, particularly in areas like Gove Peninsula and Groote Eylandt. However, some of the greatest opportunities in the mining industry are available at Frances Creek, the site of a new project located near Pine Creek about 220 kilometres from Darwin.

The Frances Creek mine was originally operated from 1966 to 1974. The centre was eventually shut down after suffering heavy damage from flooding associated with Cyclone Tracy. In 2007, the mine reopened as part of a major new project by a company called Territory Resources Limited. A few months after work began at the Frances Creek site, the company shipped the first load of iron ore to leave the Port of Darwin in more than 30 years.

Industry leaders believe that the natural resources beneath Frances Creek cover an area of approximately 619 square kilometres and a distance of 35 kilometres. Though some of the minerals were procured during the site’s original operation, there is still a vast amount of resources waiting to be mined. New advances in technology and improved infrastructure systems have made it easier than ever before for miners to excavate the precious materials from the Frances Creek site. Territory Resources Limited also benefits from existing haul roads and handling facilities that are still in place from the mine’s earliest days. A rail line that runs from Darwin to Alice Springs is located just 15 kilometres from the Frances Creek mines, and workers are able to find housing in the nearby Pine Creek suburb.

While the company had originally planned for the project to last two years, further exploration has extended the mine’s life to at least 2014. In addition to the iron ore reserves, miners also believe that the area has minerals like haematite, gold, limonite and goethite.

Working in a Northern Territory mine is a tough job. You’ll have to work long hours in the state’s notoriously hot weather. You’ll get dirty and tired and you’ll work in close quarters with your fellow miners. Mining simply isn’t for everyone. However, if you think you have the stamina and commitment to endure in a physically and emotionally demanding job like mining, the Frances Creek site offers one of the best opportunities you’ll find in Northern Territory. Operations at the site are expected to continue in the future, and Frances Creek is located near other prominent mines like Pine Creek. When you start working at Frances Creek, you’ll also enjoy affordable housing, transportation and entertainment options in nearby cities in the Katherine region.

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