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The Top Five Reasons to Raise Your Family in Darwin

Though the Northern Territory has a low population in comparison to other Australian states and territories, Darwin is the area’s largest city with more than 129,000 residents. Many people move to Darwin because the city is so isolated from other parts of Australia. Set away from the hectic pace in other regions, Darwin residents enjoy life one day at a time. The city is a wonderful place to raise a family, and young couples from across Australia are taking advantage of the growing opportunities in Darwin. Check out the top five reasons to raise your family in this rapidly growing city.

1. Relax with a Slower Pace of Life
Darwin has plenty of modern amenities and things to do, but the city still maintains the feeling of a small town. People in Darwin take their time and emphasize the importance of relaxation. The city also offers a diverse mixture of local establishments and natural attractions. From a leisurely meal at a Mitchell Street restaurant to a weekend spent on Mindil Beach, you’ll always find plenty of ways to spend your free time in Darwin.

2. Enjoy Everything Nature Has to Offer
You’ll find a rich landscape and incredible wildlife in Darwin. Residents and tourists must be careful to avoid the numerous crocodiles that live on many of the area’s beaches. However, there are still plenty of suitable places to go swimming and to watch the wildlife from afar. Fishing for barramundi is especially popular, and local residents head to spots like the Mary River and Daly River to catch the exotic fish. Darwin also has many parks, garden and wildlife preserves including the Charles Darwin National Park, Bicentennial Park, East Point Reserve and the Jingili Water Gardens.

3. Find Plenty of Job Opportunities
Darwin is growing quickly, and you’ll find plenty of job opportunities in the city. Tourism and mining comprise a substantial part of the city’s economy. Nearly eight percent of Darwin residents are employed in a field related to the tourism industry and work in jobs such as hospitality and rental services. Gold, bauxite, zinc and manganese are the city’s largest natural mineral resources. Because Darwin is located so close to Asia and the Timor Sea, the area’s local ports also see substantial traffic. Over the next several years, Darwin residents will find even more jobs in areas like the Wharf Precinct where construction and new development projects are ongoing.

4. Experience Predictable Weather and Warm Temperatures
Temperatures in Darwin do not change much throughout the year. The area has a tropical savannah climate with a dry season that runs from May to September and a wet season that runs from October to April. There is typically very little rain during the dry season, and long periods without precipitation are common. If you can handle high temperatures and some humidity, you’ll enjoy the consistency of Darwin weather. The warm climate and predictable rain patterns make it easy to partake in outdoor activities all year long.

5. Meet New Friends and Become Close with Neighbors
Many Darwin residents say that the only thing they dislike about the city is its distance from other parts of Australia. If you have friends and family living elsewhere, you’ll have to plan specific visits and vacations. Fortunately, there is a distinct community present in Darwin. Residents and neighbors form close friendships easily, and you’ll find yourself receiving invitations to parties and beach trips frequently. Darwin is a very friendly town with people who are welcoming of newcomers. In no time at all, your family will become a part of the local community.

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