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The Top Seven Reasons that Workers are Flocking to Canberra

Canberra, a planned city that was established in 1913, is the capital of Australia and is home to 367,752 residents. New workers from all over Australia come to Canberra each year because the city has a wealth of job opportunities. Though Canberra used to be known as a town of transients, a large percentage of residents grow to love the city and stay for many years. With a temperate climate, great location between Sydney and Melbourne and convenient transportation within the city, it’s easy to see why Canberra is a favourite town with Australian workers.

1. Diverse Job Opportunities
Without a doubt, most people who move to Canberra do so for a new job opportunity. The federal government is the largest employer in Canberra, and many residents work in public sector or other government-related jobs. Canberra also has a large tourism industry with visitors coming to see Lake Burley Griffin, the Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial.

2. Low Unemployment Rates
Canberra consistently has a lower unemployment rate and a higher average income rate than other areas in Australia. In 2012, the national average unemployment rate was 5.1 percent and Canberra’s unemployment rate was just 3.4 percent. In addition to numerous jobs in public service and the tourism industry, many Canberra residents are employed in education, finance and the medical field.

3. Good Chances to Network and Meet People
With so many people moving to Canberra for jobs, workers have plenty of chances to network. The town is relatively small, and it takes only about 60 minutes to drive from the north border to the south boundary. Though you might worry about meeting fewer people in a small city, you’ll actually have more chances to get to know people outside of work because you will likely live near and frequent some of the same establishments as your coworkers. Canberra’s small town vibe is also beneficial for newcomers because it is easy to make new friends and to find others with common interests.

4. Short Commute Times
People who live in Canberra sometimes joke that “peak hour” is more like “peak 20 minutes.” Canberra’s short commute times mean that you’ll effectively enjoy a shorter work day. You won’t need to leave particularly early to get to work on time and your free time will begin shortly after you leave the office.

5. Plenty of Weekend Entertainment Opportunities
Though many people come to Canberra to work, they still find plenty of ways to relax on the weekends. Some people expect that there is little to do in Canberra, but the area actually has many of the same entertainment options that larger cities do. In Canberra, you’ll find theatres, restaurants, pubs, parks and museums.

6. Near Sydney and Melbourne
There’s something for everyone in Canberra, but the city is still just a short drive away from Sydney and Melbourne if you want more options. Sydney is about three hours away, and you can get to Melbourne in about seven hours. Many Canberra residents head to these larger cities on the weekends or for major events. You can also access several popular beaches such as Bateman’s Bay, Surf Beach or Maloney’s Beach in about two hours.

7. Affordable Suburban Housing
Workers sometimes worry about the cost of housing in Canberra because the inner part of the city is pricier than some other areas in Australia. However, the suburban areas around Canberra actually have a wide range of affordable properties. Whether you’re looking to settle down and buy a property or hoping to rent temporarily, you can find an affordable location in Canberra.

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